What our students say

OASIS-TIME Beauty & Holistic Academy values the comments received from students and, with their permission, is very pleased to share them with you. All feedback is obtained in writing from students, and we always ask for constructive criticism to make our courses even better. 

Currently just over 99% of our students rate our courses as "excellent" with the remaining fraction of a percent rating them as "good".  We also have students returning again and again for more courses and recommending us to their family, friends and colleagues. We really value our word of mouth recommendations!
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What our students say ...

"Absolutely incredible tutor. Very thorough and motivating. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much Sarah." Basic Make-up, Aimee Durtnall, new Therapist

"I enjoyed the course with Sarah, she makes it enjoyable to learn a new skill and very informative about the course." Waxing Workshop, Jane Ford, Therapist

" It was very enjoyable and informal with plenty of breaks to give the model and student rests and then recapping what we had gone through earlier." Waxing Treatments, Kirsten Pearson, Therapist

"This treatment was perfect, what a wonderful day. Would highly recommend this course and Sarah the tutor." Reiki Massage, Lynn Johnson, Therapist and Trainer

"Really enjoyed the course, Sarah was very informative and interesting. Highly recommend." Basic Facial, Nicky Gaiskell, Therapist

"It was really great to try it out as you go along, made it all more real." Basic Facial, Amanda Agyei, Therapist

"Enjoyed every part of the course. Sarah is a brilliant tutor and made me feel confident and relaxed." Introduction to Holistic Massage, Linda Tadman, Therapist

"Very informative, tutor made me feel relaxed and confident." Spray Tanning, Linda Tadman, Therapist

"I loved this course, Sarah is an amazing teacher, very professional." Spray Tanning, Hannah Coyne, Therapist

"I love the personal touch, being able to be fully concentrated on." Eyelash Perming, Bianca Dorsett, Therapist

"An excellent course not only for beauticians, but even for yourself." Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping, Bianca Dorsett, Therapist

"It was very good and through, I really like that it's a small group." Basic Facial, Evelyn Paklayan, Therapist

"This course, though short, was very good in content and the practical was excellent." Basic Facial, Talita Banoori, Therapist

"Very practical, very informative and fun course." Basic Facial, Cheryl Holt, Therapist

"Once again Sarah  made this course enjoyable and easy to learn with her calm and wonderful way of explaining, demonstrating and teaching." Spa Facial, Jane Ford, Therapist

"Reassuring teacher (Hannah), who gave clear, practical advice and tips to give us confidence to provide the basic facial." Basic Facial, Nicola Raj, Therapist

"Thoroughly enjoyable, a great way to learn in a friendly environment." Basic Facial, Laura Carnell, Therapist

"Friendly and an environment that makes you feel relaxed to learn :)" Basic Facial, Hayley Coteman, Therapist

"I really enjoyed the course because it was a good balance between theory and practice. Hannah is full of knowledge and it was a pleasure the course." Basic Facial, Patricia Arteaga, Therapist

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Hannah was extremely informative and natural in her delivery, creating a lovely atmosphere." Basic Facial Alex Jones, Therapist

"Really enjoyable course from start to finish, I can highly recommend Sarah for all your beauty courses! I was lucky again to have one-to-one training, definitely coming back soon! Thank you!" Basic Facial, Lilla Magda Molnar, Therapist

"Such a fun, involving course, our tutor had a lot of helpful tricks and knowledgable information." Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Bianca Dorsett, Therapist

"Very practical and interesting course. Learn everything that you need to." Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Keeley Bawdon, Therapist

"The course was great. It has made me feel confident that I now have the skills to go out and practice. Hannah was a wonderful tutor who made me feel relaxed and at ease." Basic Facial, Sarah May Stubbins, Therapist

"This course was very informative and I gained great knowledge." Basic Facial, Anita Deer, Therapist

"A great course, this is the third course I have done with Sarah. She is a wonderful teacher. Such an interesting course, learnt so much. Cant wait to do another course with OASIS-TIME." Natalie Stroomer, Therapist

"A very digestible course which was reasonably priced. Amazing what you can learn in one day." Indian Head Massage, Stefan Weidman, Lawyer

"Had a great day, would come back." Hot Stones Massage, Geraldine Reddick, Therapist

"I felt very comfortable throughout the whole course.  Made me feel at ease and confident in what I was doing." Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping,  Faith Gifford, Hairdresser and Beautician

"A very good course that you learn everything that has been explained on the course details." Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping, Keeley Bawdon, Therapist

"Fantastic course, Sarah's teaching methods are so clear, calm and enjoyable. Wonderful treatment to give clients." Hopi Ear Candling, Jane Ford, Therapist

"A wonderful course to learn and to introduce to clients. Clients will love the treatment. One said they could feel tingling in parts of the body and how they wanted to feel the next pressure point in the order that Sarah  taught it!"  Auricular Massage, Jane Ford, Therapist.

"People think spray tanning can be done without using a technique. This course has taught me how to apply the tanning, gaining fantastic results. Brilliant - thank you Sarah." Spray Tanning, Nicola Bloomfield, Beauty Therapist

"Friendly and informative, just what we were looking for!" Basic Facial, Michelle Brooks, Therapist

"Learning how to give a facial was good, but learning how to run a business, capture data and sell to clients in the tips Sarah gave was far better!" Basic Facial, Flick Darwin, Therapist

"A thoroughly enjoyable course. Very detailed and structured. Lovely friendly tutors." Basic Facial, Sarah Knight, Therapist

"The Advanced Indian Head Massage course has techniques that are the "icing on the cake". Very relaxing and grounding." Advanced Indian Head Massage, Eileen Houghton, Holistic Therapist

"This course teaches the massage techniques for facials and it show so  much different types of treatments you can offer. A very intense and knowledgable course and very, very enjoyable." Facial Treatments, Nicola Bloomfield, Beauty Therapist

"Really cuts to the chase - nothing unnecessary, but referrals back to the first course as needed. Excellent use of time and, as always, thorough explanations and clear demonstrations." Advanced Indian Head Massage, Sue Riding, Holistic Therapist

"Detailed tuition on how to thoroughly perform the massage with a client-based approach." Japanese Hand Massage and Thai Foot Massage in Berkshire, Raymond Wing-King, New Therapist

"A very well run and informative course. I thoroughly enjoyed it." Indian Head Massage, Sarah Curran-Ross, New Therapist

"Sarah was very good at explaining every step in detail and gave me the confidence to start doing treatments straight away. Many thanks." Indian Head Massage, Karen Montgomery, Therapist

"This course was great. I feel confident to start straight away. Sarah our tutor was great and I understood all of the course," Indian Head Massage, Ann-Marie Coombs, New Therapist

"Fantastic! Really enjoyable course with excellent teaching. A great start to the Manicure & Pedicure learning. Very happy - thank you." Manicure & Pedicure, Nicola Bloomfield, Beauty Therapist

"Learnt to perfect my nail polish painting technique. Loved the nail art. Great teaching very enjoyable - loved the course. Fantastic." Nail Art for Natural & Extended Nails, Nicola Bloomfield, Beauty Therapist

"This course is fantastic. such a great was of learning the different types of wax and application for each area. Knowledgabe and thoroughly enjoyable. Great day." Waxing Treatments, Nicola Bloomfield, Beauty Therapist

"Very informative and great advice- great for anyone wanting to brush up on skills." Advanced Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Stephanie Bowers, Beauty Therapist

"The entire weekend course was amazing from start to finish. I can't wait to put my new skills to good use. Fantastic training, Sarah is a fantastic teacher."  Holistic Massage for Practitioners, Holly Wright, Massage Therapist

"Very interesting and exciting course. A very lovely one to do! Very relaxing atmosphere - thank you." Nail Art for Natural & Extended Nails, Sam Hill, Beauty Therapist

"Great teacher. Relaxing lovely atmosphere." Nail Art for Natural & Extended Nails, Shareon Vaccianna, New Therapist

"Great course. Enjoyed it immensely." Manicure & Pedicure, Sharon Vaccianna, New Therapist

"I found it very helpful and I learned a lot and it has helped me to get one step closer to being able to do what I have always wanted to do." Manicure & Pedicure, Leah Davies, New Therapist

"I learned a lot on how to be creative and different with my designs." Nail Art for Natural & Extended Nails, Leah Davies, New Therapist

"A very enjoyable day which explores your creative side and brings out the child in you!"  Nail Art for Natural & Extended Nails, Elaine Smith, New Therapist

"I found everyone very friendly and the tutor was patient and made you feel welcome and answered all questions clearly." Indian Head Massage, Annette Dean, Reflexologist

"The content and detail of the theory was interesting and relevant. I feel confident about what I am doing." Hopi Ear Candling, Rebecca Haywood, Therapist.

"Good 1on1 tuition, plenty of time to do the work, very attentive tutor and thorough teaching, nice environment to learn in." Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Lucy Hunt, Beauty Therapist

"Sarah is a very professional and knowledgeable tutor. Very  much enjoyed the day and cannot wait to start on clients!!!" Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Verna Tatt, Beauty Therapist

"Good one to one session and informative. Relaxed but professional environment." Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Emma Rowland, Therapist

"Sarah explained everything brilliantly, would recommend and can't wait to do another course." Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Carina Pegg, New Therapist

"The course was done in a calm and tranquil environment, which meant it was easier for me to relax and learn." Indian Head Massage, Jane Ford, New Therapist

"Enjoyable course, professionally managed and delivered in an environment thoughtfully conducive to learning. Sarah is a very skilled tutor, utilising educative discussion and teaching delivery with experimental massage practice. Worthwhile course and immensely enjoyabl eday. Looking forward to doing all the holistic pro courses."  Indian Head Massage, Samantha Mee, New Therapist

"I can highly recommend OASIS-TIME to anyone considering learning Indian Head Massage or other therapies. They will find a very professional yet relaxed learning environment." Gordon Coleclough, New Therapist

"Excellent! So much knowledge, wonderful tutor, will be coming back to learn more treatments with OASIS-TIME."  Hopi Ear Candling, Charlotte Lynch, Therapist

"Well explained and superbly guided, I was well reassured an felt I was learning all the time."  Brazilian & Intimate Waxing, Saema Ahmed, Beauty Therapist
"Sarah was very friendly and firm. she comes to your level to make sure you understand."  Brazilian & Intimate Waxing, Philomena Obeng, Therapist

"Very interesting course and well run." Thai Foot Massage, Clare Pascucci, New Therapist

"Excellent training course, the right amount of theory and practical with a great teacher!" Japanese Hand Massage, Carly Prowen, New Therapist

"Japanese Hand Massage is a fantastic treatment to add to one's repertoire. Lovely routine written by Sarah is easy to follow and flows well. Small clases size ensures effective learning." Natalie Heath, Holistic Therapist

"Brilliant day. Sarah was a fantastic teacher. Definately recommend the course." Japanese Hand Massage, Rosie Lawson, Therapist

"The course was very thorough. I had lots of time to ask questions and gain feedback on my performance." Japanese Hand Massage, Deorne Richardson, Therapist

"Japanese Hand Massage - it is a lovely course, very relaxing. I have enjoyed the course very much." Luis Escolar, New Therapist 

"It was a lovely course with just a few people. Very relaxed and was easy to learn." Thai Foot Massage, Julie Evans, Therapist

"Great walk-through of the moves. its a lovely treatment to receive and give and can be tailored for different clientelle."  Thai Foot Massage, Rachel Stafford, Therapist

"Excellent course - favourite so far!" Indian Head Massage, Selina Bailey, New Therapist

"Concise, manageable structure with lots of practical tips - great combination of theory and practice." Indian Head Massage, Esther Fry, New Therapist

"Found Sarah very pleasant, chatty, easy to talk to. Enjoyable day." Hot Stones Massage, Tamara Kapustinska, New Therapist

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, highly trained lecturer." Indian Head Massage, Melissa Wadsworth, Therapist

"Excellent course, I fell I have learnt the basics of Indian Head Massage to go out and practise professionally. Brilliant teaching which was informative without being boring."  Carly Prowen, New Therapist

"Excellent tutor (Ann), warm, empathetic, gentle, perfect for this treatent. Excellent course handbook. Superbe venue - and the sun was out. Absolutely brilliant!"  Auricular Massage, Jenny Lester, Therapist

"This treatment is an amazing add-on to Hopi Earcandling and fantastic as a stand-alone too. The combination of ear reflexology and pressure-point massage is so powerful. Highly recommended." Auricular Massage, Natalie Beckitt, Holistic Therapist

"In depth course delivered in professional manner and instinctive tutor."  Auricular Massage, Emma Gray, New Therapist

"Interesting course bringing a variety of massage and meridian techniques together." Auricular Massage, Susan Smith, Holistic Therapist

"Wonderful course, Sarah is extremely professional, highly recommended." Holistic Massage, Luis Escolar, New Therapist

"The course is well-structures covering theory and practical with eadequate breaks"  Thai Foot, Eileen Houghton, Therapist

"What a fun day! Highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in beauty."  Eyelash Extensions, Lenka Micenkova, Beauty & Holistic Therapist

"Excellent course - Sarah is a brilliant teacher, all communications were clear, lots of support, very small classes so lots of time to work and 1-1 help. Detailed handouts with practical ideas for business. I would definitely return for another course."  Eyelash Extensions, Loren Harris, New Therapist

"I highly recommend Sarah Sanders and the OASIS-TIME Academy - the course was fun and informative and because of the small class size the personal attention received was fantastic." Eastern Facial Massage, Natalie Beckitt, Holistic Therapist

 "Thai Foot is a wonderful addition to any therapist's repertoire, and Sarah teaches it in such an amazing way - highly recommended." Natalie Beckitt, Holistic Therapist

"For anyone looking to do Thai Foot Massage I would highly recommend OASIS-TIME (Sarah). The course was highly informative as well as practical in a lovely ambient environment. Excellent!"  Gordon Coleclough, New Therapist

"Sarah is a warm and intelligent instructor, who knows her material and her clients well." Eastern Facial Massage, Jennifer Johnson, Holistic Therapist and Reflexologist from Canada.

"Fantastic course - very well explained and was able to work at my own pace making learning much easier (and quicker!)." Facial Treatments - private tuition, Amy Carrigan, Therapist

"A very informative and hands-on course, with a very friendly and attentive teacher. Also got plenty of information and guidance with regards to insurance and starting up on my own as well as knowing that I still have the support once the course is over." Tinting & Shaping and Perming, Patricia Blanco, New Therapist

"As soon as I walked through the door, Sarah made me feel at ease straightaway. The course content was spot-on and Sarah delivered it fantastically. So pleased I came, I have learnt so much and look forward to putting my new skills into practice."  Manicure & Pedicure, Melanie Judge, New Therapist

"Amazed at hour much I learnt in one day! I feel confident I could do a manicure and pedicure. Sarah is a great teacher and explains everything very well." Manicure & Pedicure, Elizabeth Cura, New Therapist

"An in-depth, intensive course with a small class allowing for great teaching and chances to practice different techniques." Indian Head, Anna Gleadall

"Sarah is a great tutor - so knowledgable, patient and calm. I really enjoyed the Indian Head Massage course, it was excellent value for money and I really feel it has given me the skills I need to take on my own clients." Martine Donnellan

"Sarah was a great trainer, very thorough, calming and explained everything well in a context I understood. I feel confident in the skills I have learnt today and happy to come back to Sarah in the future."  Eyelash Extensions, Rebecca Wheatley, Therapist

"It is fantastic to learn so much in one day. I would recommend this course to anyone who loves massage." Indian Head, Tania Dougall, New Therapist

"This is a very well explained and detailed course from an excellent relaxing teacher." Indian Head, Dawn Quirke, Holistic Therapist

"I would recommend this course wholeheartedly. The personal tuition and the accompanying documentation were very thorough. The tutor was professional yet personal, the perfect balance. Superb day!"  Introduction to Holistic Massage, Joanna Langworthy, Holistic Therapist

"Amazingly comprehensive, especially as it is my first Holistic Massage course! Thank you." Introduction to Holistic Massage, Justine Gotham, New Therapist

"Thai Foot Massage is very clearly set out and easy to understand. I really enjoyed this course." Giselle Kench, New Therapist

"Sarah is an excellent tutor. Well organised, day flowed really well. Very enjoyable. Would definitely consider doing another course."  Hopi Ear Candling, Rachel Stafford, Holistic Therapist

"Great teacher! Nice intimate environment, you feel like you're learning a great deal in a short space of time - value for money!" Waxing, Jessica Blair, Therapist

"I feel confident to do clients now, I felt I've learnt a lot with no pressure. Sarah makes you feel very comfortable and a very good teacher!" Brazilian & Intimate Waxing, Jolene Brazier, Therapist

"Very thorough in the theory and practical. Small classes of 2-4 people make training a lot more personal and easier to ask questions. Sarah makes it very clear." Brazilian & Intimate Waxing, Elise Carroll, Therapist

"The Thai Foot and Japanese Hand Massage courses are very professional, very well taught and informative. Sarah is very knowledgeable and gives lots of great tips for business-building, client care and attracting more clients. After attending various courses, I would highly recommend Sarah and I will be returning to do more courses myself in the future" Vicky Eagles, Therapist

"The Japanese Hand Massage course is run very professionally by Sarah who presents the course material in an easy to understand format. I enjoyed the informal setting as it creates a relaxing environment to work and learn in." Amanda Neville-Patterson, Therapist

"I have enjoyed the Thai Foot course immensely - well organised and informative. Would highly recommend the course to anyone." Amanda Neville-Patterson, Therapist

"Excellent tuition, everything was explained very clearly." Natalie Mardle, New Therapist

"The course covered all elements and was very hands-on. The tutor was patient, calm and very demonstrative." Linette Hamilton, New Therapist

"I have searched very thoroughly through many universities, schools and colleges and found that OASIS-TIME Academy had more personalised attention. I have flown in from Athens to attend and it has been worth the money and time. All the courses that Sarah offers are great - I am taking them all!"  Ashmina Manolidis, Naturopath and Reflexologist from Athens, Greece 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Manicure & Pedicure course and look forward to starting my own business. I would recommend this course to anyone." Lorraine Miller, Site Manager

"Very professional, also Sarah tutors at a very good pace for all. This is a totally new career for me and I enjoyed it and understand everything well and clearly. I will definitely be back for more courses. I would recommend this course to anyone as it is fund to do and learn about, but it is very intense and I couldn't believe how effective it was."  Kylie Nixon, New Therapist

"I have found the course very enjoyable to give and receive. I was very well-taught and I feel very confident about being able to perform it well." Shirley Whyte, New Therapist

"The course is done in a relaxed environment as it would be done for real. The instructions are clearly set out for when you are doing it yourself. Sarah explains everything perfectly and has a very calm manner which sets you at ease as soon as you walk in. Jane Ford, New Therapist

"I love the easy to follow instructions, everything is straightforward and explained so well. I never feel under pressure as it is all covered in relaxed manner. I found it completely mind-blowing, I enjoyed having the massage and found learning the massage amazing." Emma Carroll, Salon Manager

"Fantastic intensive courses covering all the key aspects in an easily understandable way. Great course and brilliant tutor. Great value for money too!" Emma Gray, New Therapist

"I was unsure what to expect of the Indian Head Massage course but would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone with an interest as a therapist or just for family and friends. Sarah is a fantastic teacher and I am interested in coming back to learn more." Helen Davy, New Therapist

"I really enjoyed my half day Eyelash Perming course with Sarah, she is a great teacher and very thorough! The insurance and legal part of the course was extremely useful, and the kits are very well priced. Would thoroughly recommend Sarah's courses to everyone." Sarah Hannah, New Therapist

"Thank you Sarah for such a professional and structured workshop. Your enthusiasm and guidance is greatly appreciated as well as the top tips and suggestions for follow up." Sheila Cain-Forret, Holistic Therapist

"An extremely professional trainer who is encouraging and inspiring. Great course Sarah, your depth of knowledge is evident - thanks." Inshi Ali, New Therapist

"I would recommend this course to friends and family as well as other therapists. Sarah is a very good teacher and makes things very simple to learn and understand." Emily Joiner, Therapist

"This was an excellent course. Sarah is a true professional with in-depth knowledge of the Anatomy & Physiology. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and is an added value which will compliment my holistic therapy framework." Jeanne Butcher, Holistic Therapist and Reflexologist

"Small group tuition and 1-1 was excellent. The course was very comprehensive and professional." Sandie Walpole, New Therapist

"Really fantastic course, has been my favourite yet! Made me very enthusiastic about learning more!" Giselle Kench, New Therapist

"Easily digestable structure balancing theory and practise to aid learning. Relaxing but perfectly paced learning. The course flowed, balancing theory and practical to ensure I was confident and knowledgeable by the end of the day. A very encouraging way of learning as I could see progress, and plenty of time for questions. Thank you!"  Esther Fry, New Therapist

"Loved this course, I found that it gave me great confidence in giving a fabulous Indian Head Massage - money well spent!" Gemma Palfrey, New Therapist

"Sarah is a very pleasant and patient tutor and always made sure I had the movements right before moving on. I liked how each course was broken down into sections and then was able to use the short notes to complete each treatment from start to finish. Great handouts to take home to practice. I was given lots of encouragement and knowledge." Stacy Brown, New Therapist

"In depth, enjoyable and a great skill to learn (Eyelash Extensions). Sarah was a great tutor!" Nina Thompson, Therapist

"Lovely course, Sarah was really good and covered everything I needed to know." Annukka Barrett, Therapist

"Sarah is truly a fantastic teacher, very professional and yet fun. I learnt heaps, loved it and feel rather triumphant after completing this wonderful course - going to investigate further." Natasha Archdale, Sculptress

"I found the course great for beginners, at a good pace. Everything was explained and demonstrated well. Sarah offered additional information in order to give me extra experience." Michelle Robinson, New Therapist

"Excellent course, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Great teaching and communciation from the tutor. Will be coming back for more courses". Gemma Davidson, New Therapist

"Sarah was highly professional and very passionate about her training. Is always happy to give lots of advice and definitely recommend you all to try at least one of her training days!" Farhana, Therapist - attended Make-up course

"When I attended this course I was a little apprehensive, but when I finished I was very happy to have done it. It was so helpful and I feel the tutor gave me so much encouragement to pursue a career in this line of massage." Brigitte Hansbury, New Therapist

" A lovely course (Eyelash Extensions) to do with a super teacher. Easy to understand with excellent take-home notes." Paula Cowley, Therapist

"Sarah's time and patience shines through as does her ability to teach people. I have thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to the next trainings." Ann Douglas, New Therapist

"I really did enjoy the Eyelash Extensions course, it was very professional and also very friendly. Thank you Sarah." Jana Taylor, Therapist

"This (Waxing) course is a great course to teach all of the aspects of Waxing. Very informative. Very good tutoring, good handouts and good discussions. Sarah is very approachable answering any questions you may have and is always willing to show you anything you want to know." Karen Giddings, Nail Technician and Therapist

"Very comprehensive course (Waxing) covering all aspects and equipment regarding waxing. Professional, informative course in a relaxed atmosphere." Leonie Giddings, New Therapist from Crete, Greece

"A brilliant course (Facial Treatments) - for anyone - for personal or for therapy use. Really came away feeling confident about performing facials and facial massage." Leonie Giddings, New Therapist from Crete, Greece

"Very comprehensive course covering equally Manicure & Pedicure. I left feeling very confident." Leonie Giddings, New Therapist from Crete, Greece

"Very good teacher, approachable and I was not afraid to ask questions, and learning skills of how to apply make up and make the best of features. The best part of the course was learning how to use brushes and how to blend colours." Sandra Taylor - attended Make-Up course for personal interest

"The Make up course teaches you how to use your make-up to enhance your looks. It educates you about make-up use and the various different looks you can achieve with one produce using it in different areas/ways. The best part of the course was finding out how to apply make-up properly with brushes and being able to practice on models." Carol Taylor - attended Make-up course for personal interest

"Very thorough course (Manicure & Pedicure) where the anatomy and physiology were well conveyed and lots of extra tips and information have given me a technique to use but also the chance to acquire the additional knowledge I require to do a special treatment." Amanda Lyddon, Holistic Therapist

"I strongly recommend one to one and as I feel I learned quickly. I felt very comfortable, friendly and warm". Meena Jhaveri, Therapist - attended the Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension course as a private student

"The (Brazilian Waxing) course was very comfortable and felt personal to each of my questions and any parts I didn't understand. I feel a lot more confident using both methods of wax now." Stevie Kae, Beauty Therapist

All Eye Treatment courses - "Excellent, in depth courses, teaches you everything you need to know about all the treatments with lots of time for questions and answers." Gemma Davidson, Therapist and Salon owner

"I have recently attended a one day Indian Head Massage course. The course was absolutely fantastic.Having been a beauty therapist for many years I really found Sarah and inspiration and left the course feeling very motivated. I would recommend a course whether you are a practicing therapist or a total novice - in both cases you will leave feeling inspired." Julie, Therapist

"If you would like to learn about anti-ageing facials then the Galvanic course run by Sarah is just the thing! Superb." Emma Duffy, Therapist

"The Galvanic course is very useful if you want to offer a bit more to your clients. The effects are almost immediate and customer satisfaction is guaranteed." Cindy Molineau, Therapist

"Sarah is wonderfully patient and an excellent teacher. She put me at ease and made the learning experience really enjoyable." Ann Douglas, New Therapist

"Excellent teaching, a lot of explanation and patience, and a high level of knowledge." Ewa Maslanka, Tanning Shop Manageress and Beautician

"I enjoyed the coure, the small group setting and friendly and instructive tutor." Suzanne Smith, Massage Therapist

"Everything was explained very clearly and Sarah made it interesting." Trisha Ashworth, New Therapist

"Once again, a thoroughly enjoyable day. The best part of the (Indian Head Massage) course was getting feedback from the models." Ann Douglas, New Therapist

"The Galvanic course was excellent and learning from Sarah was great fun and so professional. She covered every aspect of the course and I was so happy to get my Diploma." Dalia Zaine, New Therapist

"This was a very informative day (Thai Foot Massage), well worth coming. Really enjoyed it."  Gillian Hall, Reflexologist and Complementary Therapist

"Ideal for the absolute beginner (Thai Foot Massage). Well thought out programme which led from one aspect to another extremely well. Course tutor not only knew the subject matter - but most importantly conveyed the material in an easy to understand manner". David Hall, EFT Specialist/trainer

"The (Eyelash Extensions) course is very good and factual". Gina Ballerini, Therapist and Specialist Beautician

Beauty Pro Package - "I would definitely recommend, very good." Gemma Palfrey, New Therapist