Product kits - all you need to get started!

Due to popular demand, OASIS-TIME now have kits available for students to purchase so it is possible to start practising your new skills straight way!

Kits must be ordered when booking your course - please choose from the selection below and indicate on your Registration Form which kit you require. We reserve the right to substitute items.

Please note that we do not offer kits for our Nail Technician courses (acrylics, gels or wraps) - this is because there are so many different products available that student may wish to make their own choices after attending the course. Similarly for Waxing - students are able to try conventional spatual waxing and the new roller ball methods and then decide which kit they require. We give fulll advice as to what is available and from where items may be ordered.

Please note that we only use quality product kits from well-known manufacturers who comply with EU regulations on safety and quality. We endeavour to provide kits at competative prices and would remind students that all suppliers prices will be quoted without VAT or delivery. OASIS-TIME prices quoted are all inclusive - no additional charges are made.

Massage Wax - £5.99 (50g) - scroll down for more information about massage wax!!!!
For all body work - available in Herbal Lift, Vanilla, and Women's Blend

Fascia Release Wax - £6.99 (50g)
For deep massage and acupressure techniques

Foot Balme/Reflexology Wax - £6.99 (50g)
For Thai Foot massage and other foot therapies.
We also recommend this wax for Hopi Ear Candling drainage massage due to the aromatherapy blend used.

Eyelash Perming Kit (Marvelash or similar quality make)- £55
Perming solution
Fixing solution
Collagen lotion
Adhesive remover
Packets of small, medium and large rollers

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting Kit (Hive or similar quality make) - £30 - new, now with three dyes!
Black dye
Brown dye
Blue/black dye
Developing solution
Glass mixing dish
Applicator brush
Tint stain remover
Petroleum jelly
Under eye protector pads

Semi-permanent Eyelash Extension Kit (Marvelash) - £88
Suitable for Express (open eye) procedure

Black eyelashes x 3 pots of 1,000 - 7mm, 9mm, 11mm
Glue and glue remover
Glue ring and 10 cups
Micro applicators (10)
Lash holder and sponge
Gel patches (5)
1 straight tweezer
1' X' type tweezer
Disposable gloves

Manicure & Pedicure Kit - £85 - NEW!!
Manicure bowl
Bergamot & Patchouli hand and nail soak
Bergamot & Patchouli hand scrub
Orange & Bergamot massage oil
Bergamot & Patchouli hand cream
Cuticle oil with dropper
Cuticle remover
Birchwood sticks
Nail wipes
Non-acetone remover
Black foam files x 6
Reflector glosser
3-sided jumbo buffer
Manicure dual tool
Cuticle nipipers
Protect dehydrating spray
Base coat
Quick dry top coat
Nail enamels x 3 (colours may vary)
All in a fabulous, glamorous bag!!!

Nail Art Kit - £50
Fan brush, striping brush
Dotting tool
Combi drill and gold charm
Nail art paints x 3 (colours vary)
Opalescent paint (colours vary)
Striping pens x 2 (colours vary)
Top Coat
Glitter dust mixer
Glitter x 3 (colours vary)
Striping tape (colours vary)
Transfers x 2 (designs vary)
Assorted rhinestones and flat stones
Pack of foil leaf
Orange stick
Foil samples
All in a plastic carry-bag



OASIS-TIME use high quality, natural & organic products, that are good for you, and for the environment. 

Tui Massage & Body Wax

This is an innovative way to massage without the sticky, messy feeling of oil. The waxes are made by a New Zealand co-operative and are a supreme medium for massage. They contain beeswax, vitamin E, olive oil, arnica, and a range of different essential oils such as sandalwood, cypress, cedarwood, frankincense, bergamot, geranium and lavender. Unlike oils which sit on the skin and leave your client longing for a shower, the waxes soak into the skin but still give sufficient purchase for a great massage. They are also very economical, have a long shelf life, do not spill or drip, and are easy to store and transport. 

These waxes are used in the Massage, Beauty and Holistic Training Courses and in all Massage Therapy Treatments. The waxes are available to purchase for use at home or in your therapy practice - please contact OASIS-TIME for more information.

Organic products

OASIS-TIME uses towels which are made from organic cotton and are one of the highest weave concentrations, which give a soft, thick and luxurious pile. The towels are extra large to ensure client comfort and modesty. Due to their high quality, they launder exceptionally well and retain their softness through numerous washes.

OASIS-TIME uses natural laundry and cleaning materials which contain no petrochemicals or parabens. This ensures total comfort and keeps allergies to a minimum. 

Mineral Make up

OASIS-TIME offers Make up students the opportunity to try mineral make up. This make up is supplied by a local company who manufacture the make up to the highest possible standards to ensure its purity.