Frequently asked questions ...

Why choose OASIS-TIME?

OASIS-TIME Beauty & Holistic Academy are leaders in fast-track, accredited beauty, massage and holistic courses.  Our courses lead to accredited diplomas which means you can obtain insurance to practice professionally - plus feel confident when treating your clients.

Your tutors have a wealth of experience in running their own businesses and can pass on useful information about how to find and keep your clients.

We have a centre near St Albans, which is easy to access from the M1 and M25, and other venues in the Home Counties and Yorkshire. Your tuition does not end when you receive your diploma, your tutors are happy and delighted to continue to help in the future.

OASIS-TIME terms and conditions can be viewed here

Questions ....

We often find that students have questions about the courses so we have complied a list of the most popular ones below. But please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Why don't you take bookings on line?
We do not take bookings on line as we wish to speak directly with our students to ensure that the course is just right and that they have all the necessary information before reserving their place

Can I change my course date, or cancel my course?
Once your booking is paid and confirm it cannot be cancelled for any reason, and no refunds will be given if you cannot attend on the day.  If you need to alter your course date, this can be done by contacting us no later than 14 days before the date of the course, and on payment of an administration fee of £45. To ensure fairness, these terms apply to everyone, and there are good reasons for them.  Unlike many training providers we will run a course, with the overheads that this incurs, even if we have very low student numbers - you may be one of only two students booked which, if you do not attend, may mean cancelling the course, causing loss of time and money to the tutor, and to the other student. In addition, our courses are very popular, and it's quite likely that we turned away another student who could have taken your place.

How do I know what terms and conditions apply to my course booking?
The Terms and Conditions are on the website and are always sent to you when you book on a course. They can be viewed by clicking on the link on the right hand side or top of any page.

How many students are on the course?
We keep course numbers small to ensure personal attention - usually no more than 4-6 students.

How long is the course?
Your tutor will confirm the details to you but generally the timings are as follows:
Full day courses run from 10am to 5pm and 9.30am to 5.30pm
Half day courses run from 10am to 2pm and 2.30pm to 6.30pm.
Evening courses run from 5 pm to 9pm and 5.30pm to 9.30pm.

You are accepted onto a course on the understanding that you attend on the date and at the time specified in your confirmation email.  Classes will commence promptly at the time stated, irrespective of whether all students are present, and are not delayed for late-comers.  Tutors are not responsible for repeating notes or stages missed, and students arriving one hour after the scheduled start time will not be admitted and no refund will be provided.

Do you do run any of your courses in the evening?
We run some of our full day courses in Berkshire over two or three consecutive evenings. Some half day courses in St Albans also run in the evenings. It is possible to run some full day courses in two evenings in our St Albans venue by special arrangement with the Principal.  - see the Course Dates and Venues pages and contact us for more information.

What venues do you offer?
We have training venues in St Albans, Hertfordshire and at various locations in Reading, Theale, Wokingham, and Newbury in Berkshire and in Kent. We offer courses at these venues but we rely on external venues so we cannot guarantee we will not have to alter venues and dates from time to time. Please see our Terms and Conditions which outlines these circumstances.

Do you offer any venues which are not listed?
We can offer courses in Wiltshire and Hampshire depending on student demand. We also offer mobile tuition in other areas - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What qualifications do the tutors hold?
All tutors are professionally qualified teachers, plus holding qualifications in all the subjects they teach. One of our tutors is also a qualified and experienced Assessor.

Do your tutors have experience as therapists?
All tutors have set up their own businesses or worked in the industry as practicing therapists.

Why are your courses different from a local authority college course?
OASIS-TIME offers fast-track, fully accredited courses and because the number of students is kept low, this enables you to learn a great deal of information in a very short period of time. College courses often have large numbers of students which means that you wait a long time for the tutor to get round to you, meaning that you need to attend for a lot longer to get through the required syllabus. Colleges also offer NVQ which require lots more practical work and assessments.

I have no experience of therapy - will I be able to do the course?
Our courses are designed to be suitable for all levels of experience - your tutor will assess the knowledge of each student on the course and tailor the course to ensure that all levels are catered for.

Is there an exam at the end of the course?
There is no exam for most of our courses but you are assessed during the day by your tutor and there may be short informal tests on various items covered on the course. The full body massage course will require successful completion of an Anatomy & Physiology paper.Other courses may have entry requirements so please check the syllabus or ask us.

Can I get another copy of my diploma - I have lost/damaged the original?
You should keep your Diploma safe as OASIS-TIME will make a charge for issuing a replacement. If you really need another, you should send the damaged copy back, or a note stating it has been lost, plus the title of the course and the date of attending, together with payment of £10 administration and postage and packing fee.

Are case studies required?
Case studies are not required for our courses, but we recommend that you practice as much as possible and obtain lots of feedback, before working on paying clients.

How can I learn all I need to know in a day?
We teach in very small groups on a very intensive basis. Most of the day is practical work on a one-to-one basis, so your tutor can advise you at every stage. We also recommend that you practice as much as possible when you get home (as well as studying your manual) so that you feel very confident before working on paying clients.

Do I have to wear a uniform on the course?
If you have a uniform then please wear it, if not, then wear comfortable clothes - not fashion clothing!  Please note that flat indoor shoes are to be worn. Flip flops, mules, high heels, platform soles/wedges, or socks are NOT permitted for safety reasons. Clogs and crocs are OK.

What do I have to bring with me?
You will be sent detailed course joining instructions which will tell you what you need to bring with you - please study them and ensure that you bring what you need. Do not forget your spectacles or a contact lens case as you may need to remove them when receiving a treatment!

I am disabled or have learning difficulties can I still attend?
Please discuss your needs and requirements personally with the Principal and we will make every effort possible to accommodate you.

I do not speak English - can I still attend?
Students who do not speak or read English are welcome on the courses but they must bring along a fluent translator (at their own expense). Due to the impact on other students we are only able to take non-English speaking students on a private tuition basis - please contact the Principal for information on the additional charge.

Who do we work on during the course?
Students work on each other, so you have an opportunity to give and receive treatments. Occasionally your tutor will bring in models for you to work on, and you may also need to bring your own model if you are the only student - your tutor will advise you what is required when your booking is confirmed. Please note that the Brazilian & Intimate Waxing course requires that you bring your own model and various conditions as to length of hair, etc must be adhered to.

Do you provide lunch?
Refreshments are provided during your course but not lunch. Please bring lunch with you as there is no time for you to leave the premises during our breaks.

How do I make a booking and pay?
Click on the "How to book and Pay" section on the home page of the website.

Do you accept credit cards or payment by instalments?
OASIS-TIME is pleased to accept payment by all major credit and debit cards, including American Express. We do not accept payment by instalments and payment is due in full on booking. We may accept deposits, on the discretion of the Principal, for bookings more than three months in advance.

Where can I get my products from?
We offer a wide range of kits which are suitable for various courses and can be purchased in advance at a discounted price and collected when you attend your course. You can also purchase them on the day if you prefer. Details of the kits available are on the website. We will also advice you on where to obtain all the items you will require to set up in business.

Why don't you offer kits for the nail extension and acrylic/gel/wrap courses?
This is because there are so may different products available and technology is changing all the time we believe that our student usually wish to make their own choices of products after attending the course. We give full advice as to what is available and from where items may be purchased.

Why don't you offer kits for Waxing?
The OASIS-TIME Waxing Treatments course gives students the opportunity to try conventional spatula waxing and the new roller ball methods - they can then decide which system they prefer.  We give full advice as to what is available and from where items may be purchased.

Where can I obtain insurance?
We recommend you obtain insurance from The Beauty Guild who also offer membership of The Holistic Guild and The Nail Technicians Guild. The Beauty Guild accredites the OASIS-TIME courses so you can be assured that you will be accepted as a member and that insurance will be obtained after you have qualified with us. A discount is available for all OASIS-TIME students - please ask your tutor for details or look at the Special Offer page.

Can you advise me how to set up in business?
Our tutors can give you lots of practical advice on the course. OASIS-TIME is very pleased to offer two great on-line GTi courses in marketing and starting in business. Click here for more information.

Do you offer training courses for men and women and what age range?
The courses are open to all so you may have a mixed gender group. Students must be over 18 years of age but there is no upper limit. Please let us know if you have any religious or cultural issues relating to working with students and models of the opposite sex and we will do our best to accommodate you but we cannot guarantee to be able to do this.

Will you be able to help me after the course?
Your tutor will be please to give you help and support following your course by phone or email.

How much can I charge for treatments?
This will depend where you intend to practise, but this will also be discussed on your course.

Do you offer any discounts?
We are pleased to offer a 10% discount if you book and pay for more than one course. We do not offer any further discount on our course packages as these are heavily discounted already.

Do you do mobile or private tuition?
We offer private tuition at an addition cost of £50 per day at our regular training venues. We can also offer mobile tuition for a minimum of three students with an additional fee for travel time and petrol and other relevant travel expenses - please ask for a detailed quotation.

What are your Terms and Conditions?
These are the basis on which OASIS-TIME agrees to train you and on which you agree to be trained. They are available to download from the website and will also be sent to you when you book. You should study them carefully, as they will be applied to your booking - particularly those relating to changes and cancellations. Please note that the most recently published Terms & Conditions will apply even if you have been sent a previous version.